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 Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

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Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Empty100 / 100100 / 100Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Empty

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Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Empty
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Don't let the recent name changes fool you. Tony Hawk's American
Wasteland is the seventh Tony Hawk game developed by Neversoft in as
many years. Over the years the series has had installments that made
dramatic changes to the formula, but the more recent installments have
focused less on gameplay or structural changes and more on including a
story. American Wasteland is the game that finally makes good on the
story thing by offering a plot that's far more interesting than it's
been in the previous two games. It also attempts to put all its levels
together into one big take on Los Angeles that's free from loading
times. That part doesn't work out quite as well as the back of the box
would have you believe, but the real issue with American Wasteland is
with its gameplay. You'll find the requisite handful of new tricks, but
most of the story mode feels like a brief tutorial, and the classic
mode isn't deep or long enough to hold the attention of series
veterans. It's got more of the same fluid skating gameplay you've come
to expect from the series, but the game's over almost immediately.


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Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
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