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BOMBA!! VirtuaRED Platinum Patch 2010 | PES 2009 ' un Süper Patch'i... Uyeols10

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 BOMBA!! VirtuaRED Platinum Patch 2010 | PES 2009 ' un Süper Patch'i...

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Mesaj Sayısı Mesaj Sayısı : 20624
Kayıt tarihi Kayıt tarihi : 09/03/08
Nerden Nerden : PaLaNDöKéN
Ad Soyad Ad Soyad : KoiSTJaV
Yaş Yaş : 27
Ruh hali Ruh hali : BOMBA!! VirtuaRED Platinum Patch 2010 | PES 2009 ' un Süper Patch'i... Calisi10
Aktiflik Aktiflik :
BOMBA!! VirtuaRED Platinum Patch 2010 | PES 2009 ' un Süper Patch'i... Empty100 / 100100 / 100BOMBA!! VirtuaRED Platinum Patch 2010 | PES 2009 ' un Süper Patch'i... Empty

Seviye Seviye :
BOMBA!! VirtuaRED Platinum Patch 2010 | PES 2009 ' un Süper Patch'i... Empty100 / 100100 / 100BOMBA!! VirtuaRED Platinum Patch 2010 | PES 2009 ' un Süper Patch'i... Empty

Deneyim Deneyim :
BOMBA!! VirtuaRED Platinum Patch 2010 | PES 2009 ' un Süper Patch'i... Empty100 / 100100 / 100BOMBA!! VirtuaRED Platinum Patch 2010 | PES 2009 ' un Süper Patch'i... Empty

Cüzdan :
Altın Altın : + 10000
Para Para : $ 10000
BOMBA!! VirtuaRED Platinum Patch 2010 | PES 2009 ' un Süper Patch'i... Empty
MesajKonu: BOMBA!! VirtuaRED Platinum Patch 2010 | PES 2009 ' un Süper Patch'i...   BOMBA!! VirtuaRED Platinum Patch 2010 | PES 2009 ' un Süper Patch'i... Icon_minitime2/8/2009, 00:06

BOMBA!! VirtuaRED Platinum Patch 2010 | PES 2009 ' un Süper Patch'i... 28gw9oj

BOMBA!! VirtuaRED Platinum Patch 2010 | PES 2009 ' un Süper Patch'i... 2w1ws3p


Option File:
Contains ALL of the leagues promoted (for the 2009/2010 season) and made the transfer market over the signings to date.
In the Champions League so we will include the 32 teams that
participated in the 2008/2009 season. Take place later when the
remaining qualifying matches will take an update.
Stats of players changed in the light of performance that have had this
past season, and dorsal alignments corrected. All equipment without a
license with his correct name will appear.
Unlock classic teams. Apart from those already listed, we have added a Classic Spain.
The patch includes Liga BBVA Adelante League, Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1.

In short, an Option File hard to get more realistic and the best gameplay possible.

Over 700 faces are available. We have tried to put the largest possible
number of sides of the Spanish League, which have more than 60 unique
The patch has an extensive collection of the best faces you've seen
from each player. The faces of the players are of superb quality, in
addition each player will carry the hairstyle look now.
Added the current faces of coaches and some players faces classics.

Both teams licensed as unlicensed teams are assigned their team home and away qie used in reality both goalkeeper and player.
We have included all the shirts of the season 2009/2010 are available
(approximately 35% of the equipment are of the 09/10 season). The rest
of the teams wearing their team of the season 2008/2009. It also
includes all the equipment of the national team, as well as those of
the teams that have participated in the 2009 Confederations Cup.
Corredigos uniforms for the game by the referees of the FIFA. Edited the uniforms of the bearers.

Boots and Balls:
Together with the balls that have disputed the most important
competitions. Among them we find the Libertadores Cup, the
Confederations Cup, Euro 2008, UEFA Cup, Copa del Rey and the balls of
the European leagues. Also there is the ball of the Champions League
and the ball that was disputed with the 2009 Rome Final.

The boots 16 of the game have been changed to fit the current players.
We have incorporated a wide range of models and famous brands. All
slippers assigned to the corresponding players in terms of brand and
model they use at present.

Graphical Interface:
We have completely changed the GUI of the game. Added new funds that become all-new menus much more appealing.
Have also modified all the coats of both teams as graduates of
non-graduates. Replace all the logos of the leagues and cups of the
original game for real.
We have introduced a new marker (ESPN marker) not only modifies the
original but also change the graphics within the party. All Replay
Logos (logos at the beginning of the repetition) are changed.
Replaced all buttons and controls for the Xbox 360 by corresponding to those of the PlayStation 3.


1.- Before installing anything, you have erased the kitserver (ie, go
to "C: \ Program Files \ KONAMI \ Pro Evolution Soccer 2009" and delete
the folder Kitserver). It is better to delete (or move to another
route, if you do not want to lose what you had), because it is not
advisable to combine several patches.

2.- We will update the PES to version 1.40. To do so follow these steps:
- Click HERE to download the installer. Once you download you'll need to install as it installs any normal program.
- Now, you have to download the executable 1.20 (look online) and paste
it in "C: \ Program Files \ KONAMI \ Pro Evolution Soccer 2009"
(essential if you funione later the Kitserver).
- Run the game, and we leave the main menu to Settings, then select
Download to update the data. If you get the message "No latest
available" mean that it is already updated.

3.- Well, we already have our PES2009 updated to version 1.40 and the
executable suitable for Kitserver. Now we can start to download the
patch. Within each file there is a patch Instrucciones.txt which
explains exactly what to do. The first thing we must implement is the
Option File Kitserver and once it is applied, we can continue
installing the rest of the patch following the instructions
The patch changes the 19 stadiums in the game to add the most important
in Europe, only keeping the Camp Nou, Santiago Bernabeu, San Siro and
Olympic Rome Konami, changed the state of training clubhouse. Includes
the legendary stadium of Anfield, Old Trafford, La Bombonera, Maracana,
Sánchez Pizjuán Vicente Calderón or,
among others.
YELLOWISH céspeds changed 19 stadiums that have some
céspeds game much more realistic and attractive. We replaced
all the billboards that currently appear on the stages of our teams.
Also includes the fencing of the Champions League Final in Rome 2009
and the textures of the final in the stands.
All goals are not the bags of sand that brings the game by default.
Rhombuses networks have been replaced by square networks in use today.
Changed the color of the shirts to the public and all the banners (flags) that the fans hanging in the stands.

Menu Music and Chants
All songs of the clubs and improved selections, as well as generics,
which will provide a good dose of realism during a match. We can boast
of having all the songs of Spanish League, Spanish League, Italian
League and for the remaining teams, also have their most important
songs, the rest will have generics.

All the music in the menus replaced by a complete collection of items
from which the songs are more catchy and soccer. Includes a list of
topics based on the tracklist of Platinum Patch, improving distribution
and incorporating more and better songs to be heard in the various
menus of the game.

Secondary Graphics:
Includes all Entry Flags (flags of the scene input) from all
competitions. All the banners that appear in the Champions League
matches are changed by the banners of Rome.
All holograms trophies have been changed. We also incorpodado medals and trophies as "Being a legend."
Textures of the "master league" (images that appear on the menu) as
lampposts, mailbox or floors have been upgraded. We have also changed
the clocks, t-shirts of fans, pictures of the bar, Valdas of streets,
water bottles, Coke cans, beer bottles etc .... they appear.
Substituted microphones microphones in the game of Cadena Ser, Antena3, Four, and other television and radio.
New goalie gloves, are exclusive to Logos Position the patch, Banners
of Champions, emoticons in mood, image PES points, marking the boat of
the ball, dummy and icon of "no data", inter alia, have also been


Optionally includes the patch for the Cadena SER Aikendj, with which
you can enjoy the matches with the most entertaining and exciting
comments, always with a touch of humor.


hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part01.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part02.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part03.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part04.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part05.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part06.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part07.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part08.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part09.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part10.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part11.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part12.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part13.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part14.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part15.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part16.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part17.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part18.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part19.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part20.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part21.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part22.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part23.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part24.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part25.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part26.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part27.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part28.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part29.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part30.rar
hotfile.com VirtuaRED_Platinum_Patch_2010_PES2009_PC.part31.rar

BOMBA!! VirtuaRED Platinum Patch 2010 | PES 2009 ' un Süper Patch'i... 139qo1

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BOMBA!! VirtuaRED Platinum Patch 2010 | PES 2009 ' un Süper Patch'i...
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